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The next evolution in livestock & property monitoring

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Welcome to Drone-Hand

The first commercially available, user friendly, Ai driven, automated flight-app for livestock & total property monitoring.

Designed to work with off the shelf drones all the way up to long distance enterprise drones agnostic of brand.

Integrable with "Drone-in-a-Box" remote stations allowing coverage of small to very large farms.

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Meet our founder

Edward Barraclough

Aerial photographer / cinematographer

Commercial Drone Services Provider

I have extensive experience in the drone industry having founded a successful aerial photography & videography business with a network that has spread across Australia.

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How we began

As the son of a livestock farmer I've grown up witnessing the challenges faced by farmers in Australia first hand.


Challenges that are only becoming more frequent as average age increases, climate events become more unpredictable and common, and as staffing costs go up.


By building Drone-Hand I hope to reduce some of the challenges faced by livestock producers & broadacre farmers, increase efficiency (& potential income), and make it easier for farmers to stay on their land longer.

The time for innovation and the adoption of new technologies is now.


The problem with Livestock Monitoring

Farmers can spend hours performing livestock & property checks, regardless of the many increasing challenges such as:


Rough & inaccessible land


Farmer's physical limitations / time constraints


Climate events such as floods & increased grass-fire risk


Stock theft & animal welfare


Increasing staffing costs


Disturbance of livestock



Drone-Hand addresses these challenges & cuts the time spent on livestock & property monitoring dramatically.

Drone-Hand is an automated drone flight-app that will:

  • increase efficiency,

  • increase productivity,

  • increase safety,

  • reduce carbon footprint,

  • reduce livestock losses,

  • reduce livestock theft

The flight-app simultaneously provides:

  • an accurate stock count

  • stock location

  • identification of stock issues

  • on-going livestock data

  • changes is water sources

  • changes in infrastructure/fence-lines

Drone-Hand is flexible & adaptable to grow beyond agriculture & livestock monitoring, with applications in invasive species management, emergency response, conservation, aquaculture & more.

How Does Drone-Hand Work?

What's included?

Drone-Hand subscription gives you access to the proprietary Ai-driven livestock & property monitoring flight-app & Ai libraries.

The training & support packages will give you the confidence to soar!

Packages include a Drone-Hand Subscription +


  • CASA certified training in drone use & function online or in person

  • Group training and demonstration

Drones & equipment

  • Direct sales of leading brand drones & equipment

  • Type & size to suit user's needs & budget


  • Long & short term support services of Drone-Hand app Drone use, issues & repair (if purchased through Drone-Hand)

Remote Livestock Monitoring systems

  • Drone-in-a-Box systems + remote viewing systems

  • Long distance VTOL drone

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